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Latest Technology News (RSS feed)
U.S. judge rejects Apple bid for injunction against Samsung

Picture illustration of Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S4 taken in SeoulApple won a $120 million jury verdict against Samsung earlier this year over three Apple patents. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, on Wednesday denied Apple's request to stop Samsung from selling infringing features on its smartphones related to those patents. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on the ruling, a Samsung representative could not immediately comment.

Alibaba revenue soars ahead of IPO

People play in a hall inside Alibaba's headquarters in HangzhouAlibaba Group Holding Ltd's [IPO-BABA.N] revenue accelerated in the second quarter on strong gains in its mobile business, providing investors with what may be the final glimpse of the Chinese e-commerce company's financials before its expected landmark market debut. Alibaba, whose IPO could be the largest ever by a technology company, said mobile revenue was roughly a third of its total transaction volume in the three months ended June 30, up from 27.4 percent in the first three months of the year. Revenue in the second quarter increased 46 percent year-on-year to $2.54 billion, a faster pace than the 38.7 percent revenue growth that Alibaba posted in the first quarter. Net income attributable to Alibaba's ordinary shareholders nearly tripled to $1.99 billion, or 84 cents per share, in the quarter.

JPMorgan attacked by Russian computer hackers: report

JP Morgan Chase & Co sign outside headquarters in New York(Reuters) - JPMorgan Chase & Co and at least one other bank were attacked by Russian hackers in mid-August and the FBI is investigating whether the assault was in retaliation for U.S.-government sponsored sanctions against the country, according to a report by Bloomberg News citing two unnamed sources. The attack resulted in the loss of sensitive data and authorities are investigating whether it was linked to recent infiltrations of major European banks, the report said, citing one of the sources. ...

Brazil telecom battle heats up as Oi tries to buy, split TIM

A woman stands next to the logo of Brazil's largest fixed-line telecoms group Oi, inside a shop in Sao PauloBy Luciana Bruno and Leila Abboud RIO DE JANEIRO/PARIS (Reuters) - Brazil’s Grupo Oi SA unveiled plans on Wednesday to take over Telecom Italia's local mobile unit, in a move sources said was aimed at breaking up the country’s second-biggest wireless carrier and upstaging merger bids by foreign rivals. Oi said on Wednesday that it hired Brazilian investment bank and shareholder Grupo BTG Pactual SA to explore alternatives to acquire Telecom Italia SpA's 67 percent stake in TIM Participações SA, the country's second biggest wireless carrier. Oi's plan is to bring in Mexico's America Movil SAB de CV and Spain's Telefonica SA in a deal to split TIM three ways, easing the financial and regulatory burdens of consolidation, according to two sources who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the deal.

Time Warner Cable suffers major outage; New York launches probe

Pedestrians walk past the Time Warner Cable headquarters in New YorkThe outage to all of its Internet customers across 29 states began at about 4:30 a.m. EDT, said company spokesman Bobby Amirshahi. The outage came at a critical time for Time Warner, which is working to win FCC approval of a $45 billion proposed merger with Comcast Corp, the largest U.S.

Workday's quarterly revenue rises 74 percent
(Reuters) - Workday Inc reported a 74 percent rise in quarterly revenue, helped by strong growth in subscriptions for its Web-based human resources software. However, the company's net loss widened to $69.2 million, or 38 cents per share, in the second quarter ended July 31 from $36 million, or 21 cents per share, a year earlier, as it spends on product development and sales and marketing. Excluding items, Workday posted a loss of 11 cents per share. Revenue rose to $186.8 million from $107.6 million a year earlier. ...
​Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 review
Protect your PC against e-threats; shield your privacy and digital identity
BlackBerry teams with Verizon to keep business away from Android and iOS

BlackBerry teams with Verizon to keep business away from Android and iOSBlackBerry hasn’t had too much luck with its recovery efforts over the past several months, but there are still plenty of businesses that depend on the Canadian company’s devices and services in order to function. As BlackBerry struggles to regain momentum in the smartphone market, it is looking for ways to hold on to its existing clients, which is why a partnership with Verizon could be huge for enterprise customers. Verizon announced this week that if a business decides to stick with BlackBerry, it will receive up to $150 in bill credits for every legacy device it upgrades. BlackBerry is hoping that more businesses will be willing to stay on board with BlackBerry 10 smartphones and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. The bill credits can be put towards BlackBerry

'Party Down' will stream exclusively on Hulu starting this Friday

'Party Down' will stream exclusively on Hulu starting this FridayHere's something to do for this Labor Day weekend that doesn't involve inclement weather: stay inside and watch Party Down on Hulu. Starz's cult comedy ran for two seasons starting in 2009, earning critical acclaim but never finding a large enough audience to keep going. The show enjoyed a brief stint on Netflix before getting pulled a few months before Starz left Netflix entirely. Starting this Friday, the entire Party Down series returns to the internet as an exclusive to Hulu — and the first five episodes will be free for non-subscribers (though likely still ad supported) for a limited time.

Telecom Italia says knows nothing of Oi initiative on TIM Brazil
Telecom Italia, Italy's biggest phone group, said in a statement on Wednesday it had not been contacted by Brazil's Grupo Oi over its plans to take over Telecom Italia's local unit TIM Participacoes. Earlier in the day, Oi had said in a statement it had hired bank BTG Pactual to explore the possibility of acquiring Telecom Italia's 67 percent stake in the unit. Telecom Italia said in a statement late on Wednesday it was "completely extraneous" to the OI initiative, about which it knew nothing. The statement came at the end of a board meeting during which Telecom Italia discussed the possibility of making an offer for Vivendi's Brazilian broadband unit GVT.
Online peer-to-peer banker LendingClub files for IPO
LendingClub Corp, the world's largest online marketplace directly connecting borrowers and investors, filed with U.S. Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending lets investors lend directly to individuals and businesses and uses low-cost online platforms to cut out banks. LendingClub has an interesting business model and had found a niche in the marketplace as bigger banks are scaling back riskier lending, founder of IPO research firm IPOX Schuster LLC Joseph Schuster said. In a world of rock-bottom interest rates, P2P loans offer attractive returns, but lenders must also assume the risks of lending to small businesses that carry a higher risk of default.
We are about to find out if our universe really is a hologram

We are about to find out if our universe really is a hologramWhat could be the most important scientific experiment of our lifetime is about to begin. The so-called Holometer Experiment at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory aims to determine whether our perception of a three-dimensional universe is just an illusion. Do we actually live on a 2D plane, as  holographic projection? There is a valid, well-established theory that states we are indeed living in a hologram, with a pixel size of about 10 trillion trillion times smaller than an atom. This has certain implications, some of which are quite sinister, even unspeakably horrific. The argument about the nature of the universe hinges on something that 99.99% of people are not able to comprehend even on the most superficial level — namely,

Alibaba's revenue growth surges in latest quarter
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Alibaba's quarterly revenue growth is surging again, a development that should help the Chinese e-commerce company sell its shares in what could become the technology industry's most lucrative IPO.
Wrangling push notifications: Control your phone before it controls you

Wrangling push notifications: Control your phone before it controls youIf you’re reading this, you’ve probably been there. Buzzed, dinged, and blooped to death. For as incredible as smartphones are, their ability to notify you about anything and everything can quickly become a nightmare. Early on, in simpler times, it was a common technological courtesy for your phone to notify you whenever a call, text, or email was inbound. We branched out a bit with instant messaging, and if you were really crazy, you might even ask the ESPN app to ping you whenever your favorite team recorded a W. Notifications are a huge part of why smartphones have become more than just assets — they’re extensions of our brains. They’re digital assistants. They’re there to remember things for us,

Malcolm Gladwell to write TV medical drama

Malcolm Gladwell to write TV medical dramaEveryone’s favorite pop sociologist has just been contracted to pen a TV show: as New York Magazine reports, Malcolm Gladwell will be co-writing The Cure, an American medical thriller starring a "young, impulsive" black neurologist. Gladwell, whose five books about behavioral science and psychology have sold more than 4.5 million copies worldwide, will be taking point on the story, which involves the main character "taking the law into her own hands" as she fights to cure some sort of ghastly disease. An act of individual heroics outside the system is an obvious hook for Gladwell, who recently explained to an interviewer at Forbes that many of Americans’ health care woes could be solved if patients lived healthier lives rather than relying on what he considers an at times over-regulated health care industry. The author and celebrity New Yorker columnist has also, for many years, maintained close ties to the world he’ll be writing about — in 2004, he posted a 6,492-word disclosure statement to his website in which he described the conflict of interest at play as he simultaneously wrote about the pharmaceutical industry and received tens of thousands of dollars from health care companies as payment for speaking engagements.

Everything you wanted to know about how Instagram's Hyperlapse app works, and more

Everything you wanted to know about how Instagram's Hyperlapse app works, and moreInstagram released a new separate app yesterday called Hyperlapse, which allows you to make timelapse videos quickly, easily, and with impressive automatic image stabilization technology (meaning that your videos will look smooth and won't betray your shaky, caffeine-addled grip). Today the company, owned by Facebook, released a lengthy blog post describing the technical features that underpin the app. It's pretty geeky, but if you're a programmer, videographer, or just interested in how it all works, have a read.

Republicans hope this elephant and a busted video game will help 'win back the Senate'

Republicans hope this elephant and a busted video game will help 'win back the Senate'Many people believe the Republican Party has a fairly good shot of taking back the US Senate this November. You play as Giopi (get it?), a pixelated elephant who looks like he belongs in the good 'ole 16-bit era, but is instead doing his best to persevere in a modern world. Giopi says he's a hopeful GOP volunteer just trying to cut through the "red tape and regulations" standing between Republicans and a Senate majority that would help the right push its legislative agenda.

Incredibly cool GoPro video shows what it’s like to speed through Arizona canyons on a jet ski

Incredibly cool GoPro video shows what it’s like to speed through Arizona canyons on a jet skiWhat we love about GoPro videos is that they give us a first-person look at incredible sights and daring stunts that we ourselves might not want to go through. A terrific GoPro video recently posted on YouTube shows us some gorgeous footage of a man on a jet ski zipping through the water that winds through Mountain Sheep Canyon at Lake Powell, which is locate across both Arizona and Utah. FROM EARLIER: Watch this crazy GoPro video of a man leaping off a four-story building The video was filmed using a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition and it’s of such a high quality that it almost looks like you’re playing a racing game while you’re watching it. Anyone hoping for the video to

Trolls drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house to prove misogyny doesn't exist

Trolls drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house to prove misogyny doesn't existEarlier this week, feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian posted the latest in a series of crowdfunded videos called Tropes vs. Women, devoted to aggregating and analyzing games that portray women as damsels in distress, ornamental eye candy, incidental victims, and other archetypes that tend to be written in service of and subordinate to male players and characters. The videos — which are essentially subjective cultural criticism — come with transcripts and lists of the games mentioned, making it possible to check them and critique her analysis, which can be reasonably disagreed with in places.

Best New Apps: Hyperlapse

Best New Apps: HyperlapseInstagram might be best known as and endless stream of pictures of your friends' meals, but their new standalone video app Hyplerlapse aims to change that. It just takes one tap to start recording, lets you pick your playback speed after, and easily shares your video to Instagram and Facebook. With few controls, the creativity really comes from how you use Hyperlapse.

Samsung employees were told to literally never look down on the chairman

Samsung employees were told to literally never look down on the chairmanSamsung chairman Lee Kun-hee has a truly formidable presence within South Korea, but his presence within his own company is apparently something else altogether. Bloomberg reports that, during one visit to a factory, workers were told that they shouldn't watch through the windows as he entered the building, because they should not look down at him. Bloomberg reports that Lee is still in the hospital after a heart attack in May, and his apparent successor, his son and Samsung Electronics vice chairman Jay Y. Lee, doesn't seem to command that level of respect — not yet, at least.

Are you proud of yourself, @savedyouaclick?

Are you proud of yourself, @savedyouaclick?Today, my friends at Vox.com published a terrific 5,000-word feature about the legacy of the Sopranos, framed around one very exclusive piece of reporting: series creator David Chase told reporter Martha Nochimson whether Tony Soprano dies at the end of the show, a question that fans have debated endlessly in the decade since the series famously ended on a hard cut to black. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the headline on this piece was constructed in strict accordance with Betteridge's Law.

This is the phone Sony will launch to take on Apple’s iPhone 6

This is the phone Sony will launch to take on Apple’s iPhone 6After several years of complete and total domination by Samsung and Apple, a handful of rival device makers are finally starting to see some gains in the global smartphone market. Huawei and Lenovo have experienced some solid growth in recent quarters, and up and comer Xiaomi is among a handful of smaller Asian companies seeing big gains in that region. Meanwhile, Sony has continued to struggle despite launching several solid smartphones over the past couple of years. The fall and the coming holiday shopping season are expected to be the hottest period in Apple’s storied history, with a record holiday quarter expected on the back of the iPhone 6, 5.5-inch iPhone phablet and iWatch. To combat the new iPhone 6, which is widely expected

5 labor-saving apps

5 labor-saving appsWork smarter, not harder with these productivity picks.

Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note 4 Via Videos (Report)

Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note 4 Via Videos (Report)Samsung today published four videos showing off the features of its Note phablet that seem to imply that the Note 4 will arrive on Sept. 3. MORE: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumors: Specs, Design, Release Date The other three clips are fun, 1.5-minute-long clips featuring the lives of blogger/model Marta Pozzan, musician/spiritual healer Diva Dompe and barber/artist Dayday Wannaslip.

iWatch Launching With iPhone 6 on Sept. 9 (Report)

iWatch Launching With iPhone 6 on Sept. 9 (Report)The iPhone 6's unveiling date has been all but confirmed to be Sept. 9, and it's not the only new gadget we might see that day. According to reports from Re/code, Apple's long rumored iWatch will be revealed alongside its smartphone cousin, in what could be one of Apple's biggest product launch events yet. While this latest report conflicts with rumors about the iWatch's purported October launch window, it makes a whole lot of sense for Apple to debut its first-ever wearable alongside the highly anticipated iPhone 6.

Uber eyes aggressive expansion in Germany despite bans

Transportation app Uber is seen on the iPhone of limousine driver Shuki Zanna in Beverly HillsFRANKFURT (Reuters) - U.S. car service Uber is planning an aggressive expansion in Germany despite a backlash from cities such as Berlin and Hamburg, which have questioned its right to operate in highly regulated markets dominated by traditional taxis. The San Francisco-based company, which allows users to summon rides on their smartphones, announced late on Tuesday that it was experiencing "huge demand" for its services in German cities where it is not currently operating. ...

'BioShock' will be available on iOS tonight for $14.99

'BioShock' will be available on iOS tonight for $14.99BioShock on iOS is a true testament to how far mobile gaming has come. The iOS version stays true to the original, with the entire story presented here just as it was on last-gen consoles and PC way back in 2007. Progressing through BioShock using touch controls sounds a bit unwieldy, though developer 2K China has tried to ease the experience by ramping up auto-aim and making your on-screen enemies easier to hit. BioShock for iOS has been priced at $14.99, which still falls below the $19.99 Steam is charging for the classic PC version right now.

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