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Latest Technology News (RSS feed)
Weibo cuts IPO size amid selloff in technology stocks

A woman looks at a Weibo advertisement as she rides an elevator inside a subway station in Beijing(Reuters) - China's Weibo Corp, a Twitter-like messaging service company, raised a less-than-expected $286 million after it cut the size of its U.S. initial public offering amid a selloff in technology shares and concerns about slowing user growth. The offering comes ahead of the much-anticipated IPO of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, which holds stake in Weibo. Weibo, controlled by Web portal company Sina Corp, sold 16.8 million American depositary shares (ADSs) at $17 each, the company said on Thursday. At the offer price, Weibo is valued at $3.46 billion.

Google still top pick for Wall Street, despite mobile ad challenges

A Google logo is seen at the entrance to the company's offices in TorontoGoogle Inc's disappointing first-quarter results left Wall Street unfazed about the internet giant's ability to come to grips with a shift to the fast-growing mobile advertising market. Google shares were down 2 percent in premarket trading on Thursday and at least 12 brokerages cut their target price on the stock. "Despite an expectations-miss quarter, Google remains one of the best-positioned stocks for many of the secular growth drivers in the Internet space," RBC Capital analyst Mark Mahaney, who kept his "outperform" rating on the stock, said in a note to clients. Of the 46 analysts covering Google, 35 have a "buy" or equivalent rating on the stock.

Sony sells more than 7 million PlayStation 4 consoles

Staff at the PlayStation 4 launch event poses with the PlayStation 4's game controller before its domestic launch event at the Sony Showroom in TokyoBy Malathi Nayak SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Sony Corp said on Wednesday it sold more than 7 million PlayStation 4 videogame consoles in just over four months to April 6, double the number of the older version, PlayStation 3, sold in about the same time frame after its launch. Sony is struggling to keep pace with demand for the videogame console, the Japanese company said in a statement. "Although we are still facing difficulties keeping up with the strong demand worldwide, we remain steadfast in our commitment to meet the needs of our customers," Andrew House, president and group chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, said in the statement. The $399 PlayStation 4 went on sale on November 29 in the United States, Western Europe and Latin America, around the same time that rival Microsoft Corp's Xbox One was released.

China's ZTE first-quarter profit triples; meets estimate

The ZTE display is shown at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las VegasHONG KONG (Reuters) - ZTE Corp, China's second-biggest telecommunications equipment maker, said first-quarter profit matched its estimate after benefiting from the country's introduction of fourth-generation mobile networks. Net profit rose 204 percent to 622.2 million yuan ($100.01 million) in January-March compared with an estimated range of 425 million yuan to 637 million yuan, the Shenzhen-based company said on Thursday. Operating revenue rose 5.5 percent from a year earlier to 19.05 billion yuan. Shares of ZTE closed 1. ...

Canadian charged in 'Heartbleed' attack on tax agency

The Canada Revenue Agency website is seen on a computer screen displaying information about an internet security vulnerability called the "Heartbleed Bug" in TorontoCanadian police have arrested a 19-year-old man and charged him in connection with exploiting the "Heartbleed" bug to steal taxpayer data from a government website, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said on Wednesday. In what appeared to be the first report of an attack using a flaw in software known as OpenSSL, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) said this week that about 900 social insurance numbers and possibly other data had been compromised as a result of an attack on its site. The suspect, Stephen Solis-Reyes, was arrested at his home in London, Ontario on Wednesday and faces criminal charges of unauthorized use of computer and mischief in relation to data.

Germany's SAP braced for continued currency crunch

Logo of German company SAP is pictured at the CeBit computer fair in HanoverBy Harro Ten Wolde FRANKFURT (Reuters) - German business software maker SAP warned on Thursday that it expects the negative impact of the strong euro to worsen after reporting lower than expected first-quarter results. The warning comes as SAP grapples with a short-term squeeze from its shift to web-based cloud computing, prompting it to push back its profit target as it waits for subscription income to gather pace and increases investment to keep up with the fast-growing market. SAP said its software and software-related service revenues would fall 6 percentage points in the second quarter if exchange rates remain at March levels, while the hit for operating profit excluding special items would be 8 percentage points. That compares with a first-quarter impact of 5 percentage points on both software and software-related service revenues and operating profit.

Eyefi Cloud: Instant Photo Sharing Across Devices

Eyefi Cloud: Instant Photo Sharing Across DevicesEyefi has made a name for itself by giving wireless functionality to virtually any digital camera with its Wi-Fi-equipped Mobi SD memory cards. Today (Apr. 17), the company launched a new cloud service, called Eyefi Cloud, to let you share your newly captured photos instantly across devices such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart TV. Eyefi Cloud costs an annual $49 fee for unlimited photo storage.

Google misses revenue target, ad prices slide

Photo illustration of Google logo is reflected on the screen of a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphoneBy Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc's first-quarter revenue fell short of Wall Street targets and margins narrowed as the price of its ads continued to decline, underscoring the challenges Internet companies face as the world shifts toward mobile devices. Shares of Google were down 3 percent to $539.80 in afterhours trading on Wednesday, after initially sliding roughly 6 percent on the news. The number of "paid clicks" by consumers on Google's ads increased by 26 percent in the first quarter, disappointing some analysts who had hoped for stronger volume growth. And the average "cost per click" declined 9 percent, extending a downward trend as mobile advertising, typically cheaper than traditional online ads, make up a bigger slice of its business.

More evidence that T-Mobile is putting a scare in the wireless industry

More evidence that T-Mobile is putting a scare in the wireless industryIt used to be that Verizon and AT&T could happily divvy up new subscribers every quarter while perpetual losers T-Mobile and Sprint would see their subscriber numbers shrink. Slowly but sure, however, T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” campaign has helped reignite its growth and has made things significantly less comfortable for America’s two largest wireless carriers. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has come out with a new report showing that T-Mobile’s share of new subscribers grew faster than any other carrier over the first quarter of 2014. T-Mobile still only had the third-highest overall share of new subscribers at 15%, but this still marked an increase of two percentage points from the previous quarter when it snagged 13% of new subscribers. In contrast, Verizon’s share

Scout GPS app keeps your gas and coffee detour to a minimum

Scout GPS app keeps your gas and coffee detour to a minimumTelenav wants its latest Scout update for iPhone to stand out from other nav apps by giving what it claims 80 percent of us want while driving: gas, coffee, or food. You can now select a spot serving one of those sans typing and be sure it's decent thanks to a user feedback feature that even accounts for the time of day. Then, Scout will only search places on the road ahead, not behind, to efficiently re-route you -- a feature surprisingly lacking in most GPS apps.

BBC iPlayer and Sky streaming apps go dark on iOS

BBC iPlayer and Sky streaming apps go dark on iOSIf you've experienced problems trying to access BBC iPlayer or Sky's streaming apps on your iPhone or iPad today, you're not alone. In what appears to be a connected issue, both companies have confirmed that users are currently unable to access their streaming services on an Apple device. Right now, Android phones and tablets remain unaffected, while Netflix continues to enjoy trouble-free playback.

Nokia suspends Lumia 2520 tablet sales due to electric shock risk

Nokia suspends Lumia 2520 tablet sales due to electric shock riskNokia has suspended sales of its Lumia 2520 tablet in the UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, and Switzerland after discovering a fault with its charger. Around 30,000 users are affected, and Nokia is recommending anyone who owns the specific charger (AC-300) to stop using it immediately. It also adds that the charger is produced by a third party, and no other Nokia chargers are affected by the issue.

SAP incoming CFO says can reach cloud target without acquisitions
German business software maker SAP can realize its growth target for its Internet-based or so-called cloud business without acquisitions, the company's incoming financial chief said on Thursday. Analyst have suggested SAP will need to make more acquisitions to reach that goal. Luca Mucic, who will succeed Werner Brandt as financial chief next month told Reuters that he would keep an eye for potential targets, but that there is no need as sales in the cloud business jumped by more than a third in the first quarter. "We never have excluded acquisitions where we need to complete our portfolio and targets are available," Mucic said.
PS4 sales are significantly stronger than anticipated

PS4 sales are significantly stronger than anticipatedSony on Thursday announced it sold more than seven million units PlayStation 4 consoles as of April 6, 2014, beating its own expectations for fiscal year 2013 – the company planned to sell 5 million units during the period. “The response from the global gaming community for PS4 has been overwhelming and we are truly humbled that gamers are selecting PS4 as their next generation console of choice,” said Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. “The PS4 journey has just begun, and although we are still facing difficulties keeping up with the strong demand worldwide, we remain steadfast in our commitment to meet the needs of our customers, and surpassing the wildest expectations of gamers

Google's latest Street View algorithm beats its bot-sniffing security system

Google's latest Street View algorithm beats its bot-sniffing security systemYou know how Google's been doing such a great job associating addresses with their locations on a map? Apparently, it's all thanks to the company's new magical algorithm that can parse (with 90 percent accuracy) even fuzzy numbers in pictures taken by Street View vehicles. In fact, the technology's so good that it managed to read even those headache-inducing swirly reCAPTCHA images 99 percent of the time during the company's tests.

Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia on the Future of TV
Just days before the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the case that will determine the fate of his streaming video service, Aereo founder and CEO Chet Kanojia sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric.
TSMC targets record revenue as high-end smartphones demand more chips

A man sits in front of the logo of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC) during an investors' conference in TaipeiTaiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC) targets record revenue in the second quarter as more of the company's chips are installed in high-end smartphones to power increasingly complex features. The world's largest contract chip producer also aims to grab market share from rivals such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Intel Corp on demand from phone makers, whose custom pushed first-quarter earnings up by a fifth. Yet high-end phones equipped with Long-Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology will drive TSMC's revenue several percentage points beyond the overall industry, as will phones with advanced features such as image and fingerprint sensors which require more chips, said co-Chief Executive Mark Liu on Thursday.

MG's Dynamo concept is its first fully electric car

MG's Dynamo concept is its first fully electric carMG is celebrating its 90th year in the car-making business, so to mark the occasion, it's decided to take the wrappings off its first ever fully electric vehicle. Created at parent company SAIC's European Design and Technical Centre ( ...

Video: Here’s how Google wants to fix annoying portrait videos

Video: Here’s how Google wants to fix annoying portrait videosGoogle on Wednesday updated the stock Android Camera app and made it available to other Android devices by releasing it to the Google Play Store. The application comes with a new interface and some interesting new features including a new Lens Blur mode, support for 50-megapixel Photo Sphere panoramic pictures, and a feature that should help users ditch their bad habits of recording video in portrait mode. However, the application will only work on Android devices running a KitKat version. With Lens Blur, users will be able to “emphasize the subject while blurring the background for an SLR-like shot with shallow depth-of-field (or bokeh),” according to Google. “You can even change the subject in focus after taking the shot,” wrote

Canada makes first Heartbleed arrest after tax agency hack

Canada makes first Heartbleed arrest after tax agency hackCanadian police just made what could possibly be the first Heartbleed-related arrest. The suspect? A 19-year-old London, Ontario teenager named Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes who's being accused of hacking the Canada Revenue Agency website and stealing almost 1,000 Social Insurance Numbers.

Ancient shark discovery may rewrite our evolutionary history

Ancient shark discovery may rewrite our evolutionary historyEvolutionary biologists have theorized specifically that the creatures' respiratory systems, fed by efficient gills, were present in the species since they first diverged on Earth more than 400 million years ago. A study of the 325 million year old "shark-like" creature, published in scientific journal Nature, suggests that ancient sharks might have developed their gills after bony fish did. The authors of the study say the fossil, which represents the earliest identified cartilaginous fish with a preserved respiratory system, has a gill structure that makes it look more like an average bony fish than a shark.

Eye-Fi Cloud backs up every photo, no matter what you use to take it

Eye-Fi Cloud backs up every photo, no matter what you use to take itDropbox and Google have put a lot of effort into making photo backups an integral feature of their respective services. Now Eye-Fi is launching a service that backs up all of the photos you take with your smartphone and your camera. Launching today, Eye-Fi Cloud offers unlimited photo uploads for $49 per year, regardless of resolution or file size. The pricing compares favorably to Google and Dropbox's offerings, especially if you take a lot of photos, but Eye-Fi's service is designed to only work with pictures, not any file you care to back up.

Eyefi's new service sends your camera's photos to the cloud as soon as you shoot

Eyefi's new service sends your camera's photos to the cloud as soon as you shootThere are plenty of cameras that send their photos to your phone, but you frequently have to transfer those pictures yourself -- and it's another hassle to get the pics to other devices. Eyefi thinks it can solve these headaches by launching its own online service, Eyefi Cloud. If you're using one of the company's WiFi-equipped Mobi cards in your camera alongside new Android and iOS apps, any photos go both to your mobile device and Cloud right after you've hit the shutter button.

Honda's new ASIMO robot, more human-like than ever

Honda's new ASIMO robot, more human-like than everMeet the latest ASIMO, Honda's humanoid robot. Resembling a tiny astronaut, ASIMO -- decked out in a white suit and helmet -- stands 4 feet three inches (1.3 meters) tall and weighs in at 110 lbs (50 kg). ASIMO -- short for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility -- was designed to help people, potentially in cases of reduced mobility. The latest demonstration highlighted the robot's increased flexibility and balance -- ASIMO can now jump -- as well as sign language abilities.

Amazon's making a custom Kindle store for Samsung Galaxy devices

Amazon's making a custom Kindle store for Samsung Galaxy devicesSamsung seems to be on a roll with bagging media partnerships for its Galaxy line of phones and tablets. First music streaming service Deezer, and now it's getting a custom-built Kindle book store in a deal with Amazon. Announced this morning, the service also gives Galaxy owners referred to the service (starting with the GS5, but more to follow) 12 free books a year.

How the '90s idolized unheroic dads

How the '90s idolized unheroic dadsThe sixties had hippies. The nineties had fathers: Homer Simpson, Dick Solomon, Major John MacGillis and more. Over at The Paris Review, Willie Osterweil writes about how unheroic dads, often defined by their initial ineptitude, took center stage in both television and film during this time period. It was emblematic of a demographic's need to reconcile with its increasing age, he says. "If only they could convince their kids they were cool, maybe they could convince themselves."

You can now watch A&E and History live on iOS and the web

You can now watch A&E and History live on iOS and the webA&E Networks is regularly finding ways to make its programming more widely available, particularly by having on-demand options through TV providers and its own apps. To help boost these efforts, the company's now bringing live streaming into the fold, at least with a couple of properties. As of today, viewers can now watch a real-time feed of A&E and History, via each channel's website and their applications on iOS -- no word on when, or if, the feature will head to Android.

Google, IBM results raise questions about other tech-sector companies

Surfboards lean against a wall at the Google office in Santa MonicaBy Alexei Oreskovic and Noel Randewich SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Disappointing results from Google Inc and IBM may unnerve investors shaken by a strong recent selloff in tech stocks, underscoring the challenges the Internet and IT sectors face as corporate report cards come due in coming weeks. IBM blamed weak hardware sales for its lowest quarterly revenue in five years, worsened by an 11 percent slide in overall sales in emerging markets including China, Brazil, Russia and India. Like IBM, they have struggled to grow their businesses, particularly in China, whose economy is down-shifting after years of hyper-growth.

Spotify moves away from delivering music through peer-to-peer networks

Spotify moves away from delivering music through peer-to-peer networksSpotify has always streamed at least some of its music over peer-to-peer listener networks, helping it deliver music quickly while saving some cash on bandwidth and servers. However, the service is now ready to leave that tradition behind. It tells TorrentFreak that it's phasing out peer-to-peer connections, with plans for everyone to use dedicated servers in the months ahead.

German Amazon workers called out on strike again

The sun reflects off Amazon's logistics centre in GrabenGerman labor union Verdi has called on workers at online retailer Amazon in Germany to go on strike on Thursday as a long-running pay dispute continues. "Amazon is refusing talks about a wage agreement," Verdi negotiator Joerg Lauenroth-Mago said in a statement, saying workers at distribution centers in Leipzig and Bad Hersfeld were to walk off the job starting with the morning shift. Verdi wants Amazon to raise pay for workers at its distribution centers in accordance with collective bargaining agreements across the mail order and retail industry in Germany. Amazon, however, has rejected the demand, arguing that it regards warehouse staff as logistics workers and says they receive above-average pay by the standards of that industry.

Canadian Teen Is the First Hacker Arrested for Exploiting Heartbleed

Canadian Teen Is the First Hacker Arrested for Exploiting HeartbleedLast week, the world was made aware of Heartbleed, a flaw in a widely used security protocol that affected (and still affects) an absurdly large portion of web traffic. On Tuesday, Canadian police arrested a 19-year-old man in Ontario for allegedly hacking into the country’s tax agency by using the exploit—the first such arrest since the flaw became public.

This machine creates careless synthetic whispers

This machine creates careless synthetic whispersWhat do you get when you combine a few respirator bags, some silicone air valves and a motion detector? A contraption that produces a synthetic version of our most sensual form of communication, the whisper. By fudging the aforementioned items together with a few other crude bits and bobs, designer Minsu Kim has built The Illusion of Life, a machine that he says mimics the breath temperature, humidity, smell and vocal qualities of a whisper.

Next PlayStation 4 update adds video editing software

Next PlayStation 4 update adds video editing softwareWhile over seven million Playstation 4 units have been sold, the upcoming v1.70 release will be the console's first major system software update. Sony Computer Entertainment is introducing a video editor application called SHAREfactory with the next update. Users will also be able to add video commentary with the help of the PlayStation Camera and import their own music for use.

Bloomberg: Apple wants to plug Shazam directly into iOS

Bloomberg: Apple wants to plug Shazam directly into iOSIt's easy to track down iPhone apps that name catchy tunes, but it now looks like Apple wants to spare you from having to search in the first place. Bloomberg sources claim that a future version of iOS will incorporate Shazam's song recognition in the same way that the existing mobile platform integrates Facebook and Twitter. While built-in music detection wouldn't be a new idea (just ask Windows Phone users), you could ask Siri to tell you what's playing rather than hit a button.

Sony pumps up its PS4 update with game pre-loading and SHAREfactory video editor

Sony pumps up its PS4 update with game pre-loading and SHAREfactory video editorSony just announced sales of seven million PlayStation 4 consoles and promised more details on its upcoming software update would follow soon, now here they are. We still don't have an exact timetable for when firmware 1.70 will arrive, ...

IBM's quarterly revenue sinks to 5-year low as hardware sales fall

A man walks past the headquarters of IBM Japan in TokyoIBM Corp, the world's biggest technology services company, reported its lowest quarterly revenue in five years on Wednesday, as Big Blue struggles with falling demand for its hardware and faces challenges in growth markets like China. That has undercut business at some U.S.-based multinationals operating in the world's second-biggest economy.

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