Our initial brief was to create an interactive training diary for tennis coaches and players to record their daily activities using a web based portal system where they could log in, record and view various information.

Over the course time this has evolved and is now used by multiple sporting bodies as an online means of learning, teaching and assessing using diciplines such as question and answers, e-tests and assessments and more. We continually strive to enhance the experience by adopting modern web techniques.


Our brief was to create an identity for Lite4Life a company focused on fire safety. Our relationship grew and there evolved a need for developing a system to help risk assessors capture information in order to create client reports. We designed a web based system for this very purpose which has been used successfully allowing assessors to capture this information and with the click of a button generate a pdf report.

We have worked closely with Lite4life and have gone on to develop several systems including ones for door surveys, Health and Safety and compliance management using things like QR codes for simple access to critical information about company assests.

Symbolic & Chase

A renound Jewellery salon based in Old Bond Street, London contacted us to help them build a unique online presence to showcase and sell their evolving jewellery collection.

Our client knew exactly what he wanted and we got on with the task and built a system which enable them to quickly present new pieces with the help of their content managed system interacting with their website. We provided them with complete control of the process allowing them to market their services efficiently.

Lawn Tennis Association

An interesting requirement based on developing an interactive system for delivering rich content, such as video, documents and interactive widgets. We created a flip book and all content was delivered on memory stick, providing a complete offline experience where all content was aimed at the Female Tennis Journey.

The project was successfully delivered and is still being used today.

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